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American NGO Pays Moving Tribute to Oulanyah

Global Impact Leadership Alliance and Empowerment of Grace has paid moving tribute to the fallen speaker Oulanyah.

Dr Larita Rice -Barnes has remembered the fallen speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulanyah on how he delivered his words with such clarity, conviction, compassion, and optimism about the future of Uganda.

His adamancy to secure great partnerships for Uganda has been hailed. Dr Larita introduced Jacob Oulanyah to the Missouri Senate, Illinois Senate, East Saint Louis City Hall, and Saint Louis City Hall. She also connected Oulanyah to Illinois Black Caucas, Indianapolis Black Caucus, Missouri Black Caucus and other people.

Jacob Oulanyah has been praised as a man on a mission who hoped for Uganda to thrive.

“I remember when I took them to the Illnois Capitol to meet Senator Clayborne and others, Speaker Oulanyah got a chance to sit in the seat that President Obama had set in during his term. It was the height of his day” says Larita.

Larita remembered Oulanyah as an avid supporter of the annual RESET America RESET Africa conference hosted by the Global Impact Leadership Alliance and Empowerment of Grace.

“From 2017 he has been leading the largest delegation ever to leave Uganda each year to attend our conference here in the states. We made HISTORY she adds.

Oulanyah has been eulogized as a prayer warrior and a man of faith. “He would tune in regularly to my “And at Midnight” Prayers,” says GILA President.

His support and kindness will NEVER be forgotten by the organizers of the annual RESET America RESET Africa conference.

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