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Founded in the city of St. Louis, GILA is committed to meet the extensive needs of the ever-changing world through its resources and relationships formed on a global level.
GILA is touching three continents North America, Africa, and Asia. And is now willing to extend the same quality services to its affiliate countries, America, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, and India through collaboration with entities such as:
Empowerment of Grace USA | Empowerment of Grace Uganda | Rehoboth Family Services | TCTM Radio | Black Caucus | CJH Enterprises LLC | 
Bringing together Heads of States, Key Policy Makers, Civic Leaders, Mayors, Senators, House Reps, Key Personnel, Business & Organization owners and many more providing a platform for cultural & economic exchange

Our Vision

Our vision is to support and connect developing countries through economic development, advocacy through legislation, fund development, and spiritual growth; with a focus on enhancement through our innovative ideas we will increase economic development through the import and export of goods and services.

Key Areas

GILA has strategically identified key leaders from across the globe who are skilled in their crafts and have a passion to lead, train and develop world-class leaders. Our focus is to dominate the 7 areas of influence, which are:

Job Interview

Are You a Game Changer?

Have you been scratching your head trying to figure out how to do international business and build real, viable, authentic relationships to do BIG BUSINESS across the globe!?!


Maybe you’ve started and don’t understand the process or know the right people to connect with. Look no more! JOIN the room of Top influencers, Key policy makers, Business owners from around the world and find out the who, what, where, when, how and why on making your business BOOM GLOBALLY!


• Cut through the red tape of politics crossing the Atlantic • Direct access to THEE key personnel of whole countries • Gain insight of the do’s and don’t of International Business and Trading • Learn tips on how to find trustworthy business partners in other countries • Meet and greet investors looking for new business ventures.


READY to gain Clarity? Ready to LEVEL UP!! Come and grab a seat at the table with Master Mind Influencers and Strategist from across the Globe THIS IS YOUR TIME!! DON’T Miss YOUR opportunity. Join This GLOBAL Movement TODAY!

Meet Our Team

_0008_larita purple both hands on jacket.jpg
Larita Rice-Barnes



Larita Rice-Barnes- Global Political Advisor / CEO & Founder of Global Impact Leadership Alliance™ / Lead Organizer & Founder of RESET America RESET Africa® 

Founder- My Pink Stilettos™ Larita is a trailblazer. Innovation, creativity, and networking are her strong gifts. She creates platforms for dignitaries, stakeholders, and everyday citizens to engage in conversation to build shared power for the collective good of those who are marginalized. Larita’s work spans across five continents. Africa, Asia, North America, South America, and Europe.


She holds a Master of Arts in Professional Studies from Eden Theological Studies, Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice & Security Management from Saint Louis University, an Associate degree in Education from Southwestern Illinois College. She is slated to start Law School at Washington University. Larita is an ordained pastor and international chaplain. A transformational leader who has given herself to the work of ministry.


She is the founder of Empowerment of Grace. She oversees two churches. Empowerment of Grace-USA and Empowerment of Grace-Uganda. They have outreach ministry extensions in Kenya and India. These outreach ministries focus on serving the poor, sick and shut-in throughout their local villages. She is a philanthropist and supports orphan children enabling them to go to school and widows by supporting efforts for them to become economically stable.


Larita has been awarded for her humanitarian efforts by receiving the President Barack Obama Lifetime Achievement Award in 2017 and the President Joseph R. Biden Lifetime Achievement Award in 2021. She received an Honorary Doctorate in Humanitarianism from the Global International Alliance. She was appointed as Chaplain of the Saint Louis, Missouri- East Saint Louis, Illinois region for Global International Alliance. She is a leader for the USA Ladies of All Nations International (LOANI) representing over 180 countries.


She has been featured on the Word Network, as well as several other radio and television shows. She serves as executive producer of “Power Moments to Live” TV and Radio Talk Show ™ and has appeared in HERS Magazine. She is the founder and lead organizer of the annual RESET America RESET Africa ® Conference, a conference that focuses on the 7 key areas of influence: business, arts and entertainment, media, family, government, religion, and education, brings together heads of state and key policy makers from across the globe and fosters creative dialogue for cooperation while also participating in local government and receiving recognition for her faith-based grassroots organizing work.


She has been honored with a Diamond Award by Lisa Nicole Cloud for being a mastermind presenter at the 2017 WEN Conference. She has shared the stage with many of the industry’s leading speakers, singers and personalities.

_0009_juard Faith in Action (Headshots) 167.jpg
Juard M. Barnes

Chief Consultant of GILA 
Principle of The Rehoboth Project


Juard is married to Larita and together have 4 children and 5 grandchildren. Juard has served in ministry as a pastor in several churches, Macedonia COGIC, River of Life Community Church, The Eagles’ Nest and Currently, New Seasons Fellowship COGIC.

Professionally, Juard has landed contracts and employment as lead administrator for Rehoboth Family Services, a consulting firm, with clients including, but not limited to Eskenazi Hospital as part of the Youth Violence Reduction Team, The Indiana Foster Care and Adoption Association, Marion County Superior Court and Probation Dept., Indianapolis Public Schools, Indianapolis WESCO/ Westside Weed and Seed, The Community for Education Foundation, Fathers and Families, Elkhart Probation Department, Elkhart Community Schools, YMCA of Indianapolis and Chicago, Miami-Dade Community Schools, etc.

Juard has served as guest lecturer for Christian Theological Seminary, American Mennonite Biblical Seminary, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, The National Academy of Medicine and many others.

Currently Juard serves as Midwest Regional Director for Faith in Action, the largest faith-based community organizing effort in the nation, moving as a multi-faith, multi-cultural organization committed to racial and economic dignity. He also serves as Senior Advisor,
Training & Technical Assistance The Health Alliance for Violence Intervention (HAVI) staff consists of diverse professionals committed to furthering the work of violence prevention and intervention. He is particularly focused on Urban Strategies and International expansion.

_0007_MOM CAROLYN.jpg
Carolyn Rice-Smith

Founder of Out of Bondage 


Accountability, Community Development, Mentorship is her game. Helping our Friends, Reinforcing our Commitment and One on One Guidance are her strong suits.

She is the founder of Out of Bondage, With this initiative, she works diligently to stay connected to those who encounter "Out of Bondage". Their team members are thorough and dedicated to scheduling phone calls and even house calls to express our commitment. 

At Out of Bondage, She is dedicated to being visible to our community whether it's showing up at a march, preaching outside or praying on the parking lot at the grocery store.
She understand that relationship building is key to getting healthy results. Although, this isn't an easy task, we are dedicated to establishing trust.

_0010_Deiona book read.jpg
De'lona Monay



Entrepreneur, business owner and president of XFA foundation. She is best known for her profound stories of faith, courage and survival. Raised by a strong, single mother, she was able to beat the odds and still accomplish many great things. However, the lack of financial literacy lead to a life full of hardships and bad choices.


As a single mother, she was able to see firsthand the wrath of “not knowing” and the need for financial literacy. She didn’t realize that her credit score would affect the schools her son went to, the car she drove and the neighborhood she lived in. It wasn't until she gave birth, that made her realize she had to make a change and gain the necessary knowledge to survive in today’s market.


She now spends the majority of her time educating teenagers on the fundamentals of credit, budgeting and debt management.

_0011_Dawn Witte.jpg
Dawn Witte-Airharte




Entrepreneur, author, international speaker and philanthropist Dawn Airhart Witte has a mission: to inspire people around the world to find their purpose and live it! She is a certified life coach and the founder of the Desire to Inspire Foundation, a non-profit organization that connects with communities around the world to break cycles of extreme poverty. Dawn has also penned several books, including Be… which imparts an important message about perseverance, purpose and putting kindness out into the world.

Prior to following her passion to improve the world, Dawn held a number of leadership positions. She served as PTA President, NCL-LA Founder Chapter President, Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA), Big Sister, Public Works Commissioner for the City of La Canada Flintridge, and many others. She attended Cornell University and earned certification in Animal Assisted Therapies from Harcum College.

Dawn recently received an Honorary Doctorate in Humanitarianism from the Global International Alliance. She is the 2021 Women of Achievement Ms. Elite Southern California titleholder and was recently appointed as Chaplain of the USA Ladies of All Nations International (LOANI) group for California. Through each experience, she has learned a great deal about leadership and the importance of inspiring people to greatness.

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