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Portia Booker

Portia Booker

Portia Booker, better known as Portia The Producer, is a Multimedia Storyteller, Author, and Public Speaker from Cleveland, Ohio. She is the host of Groove with Portia Talk Radio Show and Podcast which airs every Wednesday on WOVU (95.9 FM) to over 90,000 listeners locally.

Portia's show features guests who have turned adverse circumstances in their lives into an opportunity. She is also the host on the Soulful Conversations Podcast with Dawn Airhart Witte and Natashah Khan. Portia is the author of Finding Grace within Grief: Her Transition...My Transformation, a personal narrative on how to see the benefits held within the grief process instead of the societal narrative of holding a heavy deficit. One of Portia’s passions is mental wellness and changing the narrative after dealing with her own struggles of depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder.

She believes the power of storytelling can help with overcoming mental wellness obstacles. When Portia is away from hosting Groove with Portia, she can be found coaching new or veteran podcasters on how to improve their performance, taking photos, listening to audiobooks, visiting museums, hitting the road for a road trip, or walking her furry companion Mr. Fletcher Blaze.

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