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Dr. Shamila Ramjawan

Dr. Shamila Ramjawan

On the surface dynamic and unstoppable Shamila Ramjawan from South Africa, former Mrs Johannesburg 2019, is an accomplished, renowned, formidable and well-respected multiple global award winning entrepreneur. As a young widow raising two children and taking many business risks, her journey has been one of consistently breaking barriers. She uses her inspiring life stories to inspire and motivate individuals to unleash their true potential. Shamila is an Associate Dean at LSI Business School in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and a global women empowerment speaker who focuses on personal branding, mentoring and coaching. Shamila is the newly appointed Managing Director of Ladies of All Nations International (LOANI UK) the largest women empowerment platform in the world, with a representation in 189 countries.

She is the Country Director (South Africa) for the International Youth Society (IYS), with a representation in over 145 countries and is the South Africa Country Director for Mentorx Women located in India. This published author possesses an MBA degree amongst her many educational qualifications. She was awarded a full scholarship from Honoris United Universities (MANCOSA) where she will fulfil her dreams in completing her Doctor in Business Administration (DBA) in 2022. With her continuous and admirable work in communities, Shamila has earned the “Play Your Part” Ambassadorship for Brand South Africa. She has two registered companies, Famram Solutions (marketing and communications solutions) and Famram Foundation, a self-funded family organisation that empowers, uplifts and provides CSI solutions to enhance socio-economic development in the deep impoverished areas.

Having worked with communities for decades, Shamila realised there was a need to research the menstrual cup because impoverished girls miss school for 5-7 days a month during menstruation. In 2016, she launched the PrincessD Menstrual Cup which is cost-effective, eco-friendly and hygienic. Currently the product is available in pharmacies, health and wellness centres, and is prescribed by many doctors due to its incredible health benefits. She has impacted and changed the lives of thousands of schoolgirls worldwide, with her “keeping girls in school” project. PrincessD Menstrual Cups are funded by corporates and individuals. Over 380 schools and thousands of schoolgirls in South Africa have benefitted from these sponsorships and donations. The success stories of keeping girls in school has been overwhelming for Shamila.

She professes that this is her calling, passion and purpose and a dream being fulfilled to touch the lives of so many people.

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